Here are some useful tips on handling and caring for your MIRPURI jewellery so that you can keep it looking its best and enjoy wearing it for years.


  • Always store your jewellery pieces individually, preferably in soft material pouches / boxes with a soft lining, or acid-free tissue paper. This should prevent them scratching against each other. (Avoid using cotton wool as it can "catch" on jewellery)

  • Keep your jewellery away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as this may cause many gemstones to fade or discolour.

  • Ensure that your jewellery is kept in a cool, dry place. Over time and with wear, sterling silver will naturally become oxidised and will eventually tarnish. This is on account of the sulphur present in our increasingly polluted atmosphere. Storing sterling silver in a sealed plastic bag or airtight box when not being worn, should provide greater protection against oxidisation.


  • Your jewellery should be the last thing that you put on when dressing and the first thing that you take of when undressing. This is because it is particularly susceptible to damage and/or discolouration from the chemicals present in perfume, hairspray, make-up, nail polish remover, body oils, sun tan lotion and deodorants etc.

  • Always remove your jewellery before doing any chore or activity (e.g. sports, housework, gardening etc.) which may unnecessarily expose it to harmful chemicals, abrasive materials, or damage. Jewellery tends to be made from soft metals, such as silver, which are prone to dent. They also incorporate gemstones which can be damaged or chipped when struck against a hard surface with some force.

  • Avoid wearing your jewellery whilst swimming or showering. Chlorinated, soapy, salty and even fresh water can either erode or dull precious metals and gemstones.


  • Your sterling silver jewellery should be carefully cleaned using a soft, non-abrasive silver cloth, which should bring back the shine. If necessary, you can use a mild washing up liquid with warm water and a soft toothbrush, then rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.  Avoid using "dip" polish as these contain harsh chemicals capable of destroying your jewellery over time.

  • Care should be taken when attempting to clean jewellery set with gemstones as some stones may require special cleaning procedures.